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Scene :

地点(at campus

人物:kevin Jason and Rita

Jason: Oh ,I’m sorry ,are you ok ? 对不起,你还好吗?

Rita: How familiar! 好眼熟啊!

J: you pick? 是你捡的吗?

Kevin: Shut up !谁说的!

R and J: Kevin ? Kevin 吗?

K: Jasson ? Rita ?

Rita:Kevin! Do you know ? I miss you so much. we have lost much romantic without you 你知道吗? 我太想你了kevin,没有你我们少了很多浪漫

Jason:It’s so nosiy here ,let’s find a quiet place to talk.这里太吵了,我们找个安静的地方聊吧

K to R: Is it convenient for you to share your department with me during my finding job?在我找工作期间方便让我住你的宿舍吗?

R: Sure ,no problem,as long as avoid dormitory administrator当然没问题,只要躲过宿管就可以了

J: But why? What happened to you ? I thought that after graduation you will live well.但是为什么啊?你怎么了?我以为你毕业后会过的很好

R: You’re such a dream catcher .why are you come back to the place where you were sick of?你那么有梦想的人,怎么还要回到你曾经连做梦都不爽的地方?

K: Because no money ,no job,even there’s no place to live.Nothing at all. 因为我没钱、没工作,甚至连住的地方都没有,一无所有。

RImpossible !这不可能!

K: This is what happened…事情是这样的。。。

Scene :

(at kevin’s home)

人物:Kevin , land lady Marry

M: Open the door, open the door.开门开门

K: What’s wrong Marry?有事吗Marry?

M: Look,you must be paid as rent, You’ve defaulted if for 6 months. Not only didn’t I take your deposit,but also I disbursed ultilities for half a year. I’m enough of it .pay off your bills ,right now.听着,你现在必须付房租,你已经拖6个月了,我不仅没收你押金,连水电都帮你垫付了半年。我受够你了,付清账单,现在,马上, 立刻,马上!

K: please, I have no money now. Look , I only eat the cheap bread for food . 拜托,我现在真的没钱。看,我只能吃这种廉价的食物。

M: Wow , turn to black , is it my dog’s food ? 哇,都变色了!是我家狗的食物吗?

K: Oh , my dear I promise I will pay off your debt once I find a job. please extend a time limit.噢,天哪!拜托,我现在真的没钱,我保证,一旦我找到工作我一定付清。再宽限几天吧。

M: Find a job? Ha. . you’ve said that over 100 times. and then?找到工作?哈。。你都说了100遍了。然后呢?

K: I work so hard ,but useless.Which company would hire a man without any certificates?我已经很努力了,可又有什么用呢?哪家公司会雇用一个没什么证书的人呢?!

M: There’re a lot of choices around you. dustman, babysit, salesman and so on.你身边就有很多选择,环卫工人,保姆,销售员 ,等等、、

K: No no no ….i’m a university student.i’ll be a white collar,manager orsinger.at that time ,I’ll pay your double.不不不。。我可是个大学生,我将来可是会成为白领,经理,或是歌手什么的。那时, 我会付你双倍。

M:Well , thank you .but I don’t’t hink I can wait to .university student.if you don’t pay off your debt,please go out..,我想我等不到那天的,“大学生”,如果你不交清房租水电就请出去

Scene :


人物:K R J

K: You see ,that’s why I asked Rita’s department.这就是我为什么蹭住R的公寓的原因

R Why not go home ?为什么不回家呢?

KHome? Be a farmer?no I’m going to die.回家?当农民?我不如去死。

J At least,you won’t worry about the food and the place to live.至少不愁吃住啊

K:simple house and diet,I can’t bear to be laughed at by rose.吃得差住的差,我可不想被ROSE笑话。

J: Oh how about rose.对了,ROSE 怎么样了。

K: Now ,she is a civil servant,it’s unfair.these bookishes benefit all,including JULAR, HELLEN.当公务员了,这个世界真不公平,好处都让这些书呆子占尽了。包括Jular, Hellen.

J:No ,rose wanted to be a civil servant and succeed ,she is so extrodinary.不,ROSE 的梦想是当公务员,而且他实现了,真厉害。

R She so focus on the score ,even no personality.does she have dreams.她那么重视成绩,而且没个性,她会有梦想吗?

JShe just obey teachers.她只是太听老师话而已。

KShe has dreams,however,I just made daydreams.oh still now,I got it that making dreams come true relys on occupations.most of us only make day_dream. Therefore ,make fun of those that accumulate capital. I have only myself to blame她有梦想,而我只是做梦。天啊,我今天才明白有梦想还要有资本,梦想才能成真,我们大多只顾做梦不去积累资本,而且还取笑那些积累资本的人,我真是咎由自取。

J: It’s not enough that just have dreams原来仅仅有梦想还是不够的

RDon’t be sad!we’ll help you .别难过,我们会帮助你的。

JYes ,you rest your heart living here, then, center your attention on finding job.是的,你就暂住这里,然后努力找工作。

K: Criticaliy, now , I have to get the one back , diploma , which I’ve lost.最可怕的是,我现在必须把我已经丢掉的东西——毕业证,拿回来。

R: Ideed ,I wouldn’t l ike yours.确实,我也不想像你这样。

R to J : how about us ? Are we still only dreaming but action?那我们又是怎样呢?我们也还是只做梦不行动吗?

K: Look up to the sky, more should be down-to-earth. 仰望天空,更应脚踏实地。

J: Our dream is far beyond the range of possible without efforts and sweet.不付出努力和汗水我们的梦想是不会实现的。

K,J,R: Dream catcher, go into action, right now.追梦人,行动起来吧

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